Ace cafe Friday 28th

I know it’s cold.Although… they do hot drinks down there…

And some good grub.

Anyone coming?

i will be there!!!:w00t:

I think I’m going too…


i will be there

I think Poppins tonight, who is going?

weather permitting… :cool:

hmmm performance and fast bikes night! tempting!

No can do Im affraid,

I got some tickets for me and PBZ to go and see The Warrior Promotion Prize Fighting at The Circus Tavern !!

I,ll be about Sunday !!

Warm house + comfy sofa + bottle of wine OR windy, wet, blat down thru Friday traffic into London? Not riding out in this weather, see you Wednesday hopefully :smiley:

yeah me likewise. I’ve had a trademark change of mind and will be heading into town for Killer#1’s drinking eve.

Too horrid out there

I would have gone, but I was working till 8, didn’t even get home till 9 :frowning:

i would have gone but was sleeping

and I had no intention of going:w00t:

me neither :hehe:

You back on the road Milo?