ace cafe - friday 23rd June

Had a look at the website but couldn’t see anything on this friday…

On the other hand I have a crumpled up flyer from last year that says there is a bike meet each friday…

Was just going to turn up this Friday as my sister wanted to visit it. Hope its a good night.

Anyone here going to be there?

hey Meeks, howdy! yeah the best night i think are still Fridays, i went last week it was mad, and the atmosphere was buzzing!, if you have never been before its great you will love it. I wont be there this week as im off to devon tommorrow for the weekend, otherwise id buy ya a beer, have a great time if you go and just a little tip, get there early to get a parking space!

see ya at the cubana sometime!


been a couple times before but not on a fri night.

Must get down to cubana again…only been once.

as always

ace, chelsea, frith and leicester

shane u off this friday aint ya…

try and keep an eye out for any LB looking types…

If you spot me sooner im on a copper sv thou, with me sis on the back. Nothing else will stand out except for a slight limp…

ill be there last friday was great

I’ll be at my usual spot in Frith St, so will see you down there later on

I’ll try and get up to the Ace for Friday, last one before holiday, yippey!!!

I doubt ill make it, my bike aint really road legal at mo…

Some of you lot were down the Ace last night, were you not?

According to me flyer, on my works wall next to artistic girls advertising Honda’s

1st Friday Bike Nights
2nd Friday Bike Night and Bandits
3rd Friday Bike Night (rockers and classics) This was last friday
Last Friday of the month Bike Night = Performance and fast bikes special (This is next Friday)

So I am very confused about what is happening tomorrow night

That’s easy… it’s coffee, grub and plenty of talking b****x

Sorry im gonna have to miss it all for a while…

yep…im off mate…i will get down there nice and early for a change…

rev’d up smiled.

i’m in - any excuse to stretch the new toys legs. will be there for 8ish i reckon

possibly silly question as the ace will be busy as feck but do you lot head for anywhere in particular in the carpark as a first choice? prefer to leave the rocket with friends whereever possible…

I’ll be there from 7-30/8ish

Then off to Chelsea/Frith wherever the wind blows me

just park it next to the yella one

good plan flaster!