Ace Cafe, Fri 13/3

I thought I might swing by the Ace for a coffee on my way home from work tomorrow…

Do LBers congregate there of a Friday evening? :slight_smile:

yes, normally a healthy number of LB’ers on a friday night :slight_smile:

Are you coming out to play Sherrie?

i will be there from half 7

might pop over

She can’t… The coppers know that she is riding a stolen bike now… :wink:

PS: Sherrie… I am sure it is all a big mix up and youu and your little bike will be fine…
Worth case scenario go for: " it’s not what it looks like…"Always worked for me…:w00t:

me also might pop in for a hot choc mmmm:D

Yeah!!Around 18:30 I’ll be arriving!!!

I’ll be going, there’s a hot choccy and a sausage sarny with my name on it :smiley:

Sigh…I’m working! :angry:

Please feel free to open the throttles up when you’re going past the Hoover Building cos I can hear the bikes on the A40 from the Pound!

Have a good night peeps!

I’ve got my little sister visiting for the weekend but might come out in the cage to show her how I usually spend my Friday nights :slight_smile:

Cool - quite the posse!

Though I’ve never met any of you before, so if you see a chap with long hair and wearing a black, blue and white Alpinestars jacket wander in and look bewildered, it’s me. :smiley:

i might pop by for a quick cuppa, i havent seen any of you for ages!:w00t:

im out tonight :smiley:

i’m gonna be there, as usual. but do not know any of you :frowning:
maybe someone will find me ?? black leather with queen badge on front, metallica on right shoulder. arai helmet (usually chained on the sissy bar) vn900 07reg

For all those that do not know any of us, have a look and come and find us :slight_smile:

I’ll be out later, I’m Tiggi the Ninja in those pics :stuck_out_tongue:

i am deffo coming with tiglet x:D

I’m coming too… :smiley:

Save it until you get home please Alex :stuck_out_tongue: