Ace cafe... decisions decisions

So I’m thinking about going with mays to the ace cafe on Friday. She’s never been and I haven’t in a couple of years for sure.

Question is, which way to go from Haywards heath. M25 on Friday rush hour is a nightmare but will cutting through London be any better?

i would say it all depends on the weather

there a lot of irate motorists about in this weather and a dam lot of heat if stuk in traffic coming through London

When I’ve done HH to Ace, as dull as it is, I’ve always done the M25 -> M/A40. You’re always moving unless you are adverse to filtering through the traffic. Even with the variable speed limits on the M25, especially around junctions, you still make progress.

True, I guess on the M25, you’d be moving a bit and filtering can be easier than in the tight streets in London

...filtering can be easier than in the tight streets in London Serrisan
That's pretty much how I see it.

I’d take the tourist route with a stop off in Richmond Park along the way

The city has gone mad in this heat. I was out a couple hours ago - there’s nothing but traffic jams everywhere you go, but it wasn’t as bad as I expected so if you’re up for some filtering going through the city is an option.

I would be tempted to leave the M25 at J9 then A244 through Oxshott to Esher A307/A309/A308 over Hampton Court Bridge then A311 to A312 in Hampton until you hit the A40.

A307/A309 can get congested at busy times if so use the parallel B3379.