ace cafe bike night tonight 27th july 2012

is anyone going ace cafe tonight for bike night 27th july 2012 ? im working down the road dont finish work until 8;30 pm so if i do come wont get there until 9ish. Is performance and fast bike night tonight so will be packed as always with performance bikes.

  1. kishan - be there by 9pm

Kishan you are awesome.

i do try you coming tonight conrad? im gonna be there for 9ish as i work in colindale area.

Ha ha, wait, you’ve not given us a %

Please put me down for 58%. Rain is likely this evening, otherwise it would be closer to 84%…


33 minutes ago on this thread about the Ace:

You wrote:

And yet here you are starting a separate thread arranging a meet tonight and stating you’ll be there at 9pm.

You are clearly a troll.


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Okay that’s enough Kishan bashing… The place wouldn’t be the same without him! Kishan you are official Ace Bike night reminder for LB…

I won’t be coming tonight I’m afraid because of the Olympic opening ceremony! :slight_smile:

ha ha thats because im going there straight from work for abit :slight_smile:

  1. kishan - be there by 9pm
  2. AndyCr15 - 58% depending on the rain if it dont rain 84% attending

yup and its a free world so i can change my mind and go some where if i wish you gonna stop me ? nah didnt think so so hush your gums and do what you do best go browse the rest of LB thankyouokbye :slight_smile:

i’ll be there with my whip waiting for you Kish :wink:

Ooh, that might increase a few guys percentages :wink: Do you have the rest of the outfit? :slight_smile:

haha face it only action im gonna get on a friday night at ace cafe :wink: coolio see you tonight

  1. kishan - be there by 9pm
  2. AndyCr15 - 58% depending on the rain if it dont rain 84% attending
  3. silveR6

tempting, i cannot be bothered with the opening ceremony!!! PLus all you lot glued to your TV does open up th doors for some very quiet roads!!!

I wish I could make it! I’m working 5-11 tonight but I might head up to the roundabouts after if it’s dry… And busy…

I just wanna get my post count up :smiley:

I might early on then a rideout somewhere maybe A413 Buckingham???

This man is now officially a legend, oh and I am about 100% certain I won’t be there :smiley:

what time will you be down the ace flats?

more important what time would you be leaving?

I was thinking of getting there 7ish maybe what time you going to be there for?? I haven’t given much thought to when I’d leave??

i would have a job to get there for 7, not ready to leave yet, probably take hour and half on a friday night to get there