ace cafe bike night 20th july 2012 friday

who is up for bike night tomorrow friday 20th july 2012 ? it starts 6pm .

LBer going :

  1. Kishan - will be there 7/8pm ish

I am thinking of going there too.

fancy a rideout there from central london, i live close kingscross station

I will be there but not sure what time ash im in angel if you fancy riding up, will probably be a few of us

I’m hoping to be there this week.

Yeah sounds good, i was thinking of heading over there around about 7pm, let me know what time you can make it.

we can meet up somewhere in angle, i know the area well :slight_smile:

  1. kishan
  2. cjkit

met weather says light rain from 4pm up until 7pm so dont forget your waterproofs incase it goes on for longer

what time is everyone getting there for? im thinkin of getthing there for 7/8ish? Anyone gonna be there at that time?

Yeh i am gonna be there around 7/8 ish as well, look out for a silver Hornet :slight_smile:

coolio look out for a 2011 army pattern typhoon will stick out like a sore thumb haha

Ash Iv pm’d you my number, give me a text when your getting ready to go and il let you know if were ready etc… (We should be ready by 7)

daws pm me your number so i can get hold of you once i get there :slight_smile:

I will be heading to the Ace between 7-8pm, how can I look for you pals…I’m on a blue vstrom 650 '06 plate.

i will be on a 2011 typhoon 125 army pattern graphics on the forecourt or look out of the guy below which is me lol

Will do…see u there :wink:

i enjoy these threads :smiley:

  1. kishan
  2. cjkit

I probably won’t be there until about 8.30


Here. :slight_smile: but don’t recognise anyone yet