ace cafe 8/12/006

anyone up for the ace friday night .and a run in to town

i will be going to the ace as i generally do fri eves, maybe see you there?

Yep i’m up for it, I’ll give u a call later

I’m there catch ya later!

Early night tonight im working all weekend !

Not for me tonight, birthday last week, so family celebrations tonight

is there’s Flat on your avatar ?

Shhhhh …this is Flat’s doesnt the arse look familiar



does he deliver personally? x

Yeah i rekon he ‘delivers’ alright

excellent! will he wear the outfit? hehe

I’m coming out to play, just about to leave home.

Wanted to come but we all seem to have the lurgy

Hope you all have fun though

I want to come but I’m a nurse tonight, my mrs is sick…