Ace Cafe - 26th June 2011.....

…Sorry no Photo’s (I have asked the mods to remove this thread. Thanks!)

Nice photos :slight_smile: I got there at 6pm after Horizons Unlimited, and the Jetstreams arrived around 6:30pm.

The Ace does trade quite heavily on its reputation and history to tourists etc. It is a handy and friendly place for bikers to gather though, and acts as a nice hub for events.

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Friday night is the big night for bikes. Not sure you’ll get much history there either, though you will see a lot of bikes and some mad stunt guys wheelieing up and down the road! :slight_smile:

It’s a meeting/starting point, not a destination:D

Thanks Zander!:slight_smile:

Are you in a parallel universe HS:P?

The Ace is a working biker cafe so it smells of bikers and chips. :wink:

The motorways don’t have speed bumps on - the A12 might, as it is an A road, in which case why were you going so fast you hurt yourself & your bike on them?:w00t:

That was a mini roundabout. :smiley:

Yeah snigger A12’s the other side of London meancommentaboutwomenanddirections :stuck_out_tongue:

ummmm so this thread is about the ace not being good enough, speed bumps on a motorway that starts with A not M and is also on the complete opposite side of London…

:w00t: :w00t:

So okay…now you’ve hurt my feelings and I really wasn’t having a great day to begin with. :frowning: Well done guys.

Ermmm banman…if you had read this thread properly you would have noticed I said I THINK it might be, and the ? mark behind the A12 comment. snigger I am not originally from London okay? I have stated many times before that I rely on my GPS to get around London which seems like a maze to anyone not born here. Do you know the name of every road in Africa? Well I am still learning to get around the UK.

I’ll just delete my post and photo’s…sorry for wanting to share my biking experiences. It was only meant to be a fun post and my comments were meant in jest as you can tell by the smiley faces.

sorry to hear your having a bad day…

nothing was meant to offend, its just a laugh.

Learn to laugh at yourself, once you can do that it don’t matter how much smart arses take the pi55 :cool: