ace cafe 24th feb 2012 bike night

who is going ace cafe friday 24th feb 2012 for bike night? i might be there with my mate if anyone is going look out for my scooter on the forecourt of ace cafe should be there by 8/9ish

No rideout? :smiley:

If it’s warm, good luck with parking at 9, I’ve had to park across the road at 7ish before!

Might pop down to test my suspension tweaks :slight_smile:

Tom says that it will be warm… :stuck_out_tongue:

I say I have to go check some houses out on Friday but could pop down for around 7.30ish… :smiley:

hmmm bike night get so busy in mid feb that you cant get in car park !!!


i cant see it being that busy either in february :-/ anyways eho else is going tonight for bike night?

were going :slight_smile:

You were going but you’re not now?

punctuation is a b1tch :smiley: I meant we’re going :stuck_out_tongue:

Property I had to check cancelled so I’ll be there :slight_smile:

Probably be down there, not sure what time - depends when I get away from work!


Yep, going and will be there around 7…

Let the weekend commence! :slight_smile:

wicked im heading out to ace cafe at 6ish so will keep an eye out for all your bikes there, i wont be staying long thou as i gotta leave the house by 5:30am tomorrow morning for early start at work so be gone by 9ish :frowning:

I will be there later :cool:

Be there or be square :smiley:

We’re off to Belgium early in the morning for a weekend of riding, so too much preping to do to go gallivanting up the Ace :slight_smile:

Well, that’s me sitting here waiting :slight_smile:

Long black hair, “bikers” jacket, maybe taking to Polish folks.

I’m heading up now. I’ve not been up the Ace in ages :slight_smile:

Shout if you see me. 6’3, beard, black Alpinestars jacket, matt black helmet, riding a silver/black varadero.

Damn, didn’t realise you were on a Varadero Andy, I want to take a look at one of those close up. Next time.

Was nice to see folks (apart from the guy who started the thread, where were you?). Gotta sleep, exhausted after this week!

just got back from ace damn was jam packed some gorgeous bikes there tonight :slight_smile:

Sadly have had to spend all evening working on a policy presentation, which am still wrestling with - would have loved to have come but need to get this all sorted. It’s kind of a working weekend for me :-(:crying:

Anyway - next weekend should be free :smiley: Hope to see y’all at the Ace next Friday - been too long :slight_smile:

Yeah, for sure.

Was good to see some folk up there, I look forward to some rideouts as the weather gets better :slight_smile: