Hi guys. Was wondering if Jay and others will be at the ace this friday 15th july? If so would it be okay if met you guys at the ace and went with you to the bridge and soho? Bit of a loner biker at the mo!

Thanks Dan.

That’s unaceptable mate! you can’t ride that bike alone! I will be in the ace waiting for friday night before soho! Even if jay tell you the opposite later on, I will be there! lol

Welcome to LB

Hey Spearsy, sure thing, we’ll be at the Ace on Friday night around eight thirty or so, look out for a blue/white K5 1000 with some shiny bits on, and an all-red fireblade with a shiny-girl onboard If Cezar gets there on Friday night, I’ll buy him a drink!

Spearsy… We’ll be there Mate… Don’t feel anone… WE’RE NOT ALONE!!!

Can not make it this week unfortunately as its spannering duties for moi at the Bemsee meet. Brands Hatch GP circuit this weekend so not so far to go for a change.

cheers guys and gal! Met you before jay and definately cannot miss your bike! Looking forward to it.

Hi there Chuffster… I’ll be up at Brands on Sat… Come over to the AdrenalineX shop… See you there…

I’ll be there as normal, with a bit of luck might get to meet some of you always seem to miss ya… or your all just hidding from me.

As long as i don’t have to spanner too much, should be there, well thats if I can find the shop!

Oh my, sounds like a plan!! Aint been to the Ace for ages.

whent to the ace lastnight was looking out for some of your bikes but did not see any guted … would have been good to hook up . and cant make it on fri as wife works and i look after kids …

Chuffster… You can see the shop from the restaurant… If not I’ll pop to the pits to see you… Jay will be there too…
Hopefully my leathers will be ready to pick up from AdrenalinX… I’m really excited as I’m getting them fitted and personalised…

Fan, oops… Foxy and I weren’t there last night no, we were having a night off the bikes! We were there today though! Shame about tomorrow, hopefully we’ll see you there another time soon!

I may possibly be at the Ace tonight or Chelsea Bridge,who knows i may even do both.

Look out for an '05 Silver Kawasaki Z750,skinhead rider with a Yukio Kagayama Shoei XR1000 lid and as my slogan on the plate

Will do fella

hmmm dropping the bike off at ganjamans for tyres and repairs so I’ll miss tonight

Drop it off tomorrow!! It’s going to be a brill night for sure, how can it not be with all this sun and warmth!

What time are you lot heading up there?’s ladies night in my house, so i’m trying to sort out a babysitter.

The things you do for a ride!

I’ll be at The Ace Cafe for about eight pm, or earlier, MrGee.

be there bout half eight. will it be okay to follow some of ya to the bridge/soho? Not too good with central london!!