Ace anyone 11/12/05

Good morning!!! I’m going to blow the dust off the firestorm today and get some stodgy grub from the café to make me feel better
I’m getting there for 1230ish

Me and Savoury will be up there but not till around 2.

I was thinking of it, but I need to go to Argos to pick up a microwave, and as I think putting it on the back of my bike might be taking the mickey, I’ll have to, gulp, bus it!

ok about 2 then being lazy

come on paivi

Allright, then. I’ll have to leave early though so I catch them before they close so I can get the thing and throw it in a cab instead. Just adds £10 to the purchase price. Sometimes I wish I had a car…

Paivi darling, you must fight thoughts like that! If you are keen I introduce you to an exorcist I know?

so when can we expect the gallery? hehe how long does your hangover take?

I’m uploading over 200 photos right now but I can’t make it public before put the names! THE NAMES!

My name’s Paivi. But you may now call me Dame Paivi, after I was knighted by Queen Tasha in the New Year’s Honours list!