Ace & a rideout, Fri 6th July

We’ll be going for a bit of a rideout ( Adam’s so on the ball he’s already sorted a route ) should be doing about 60-70 miles…we’ll be leaving Ace bout 8.30 & fuel up pls

Anyone up for it ?

were you going anywhere nice

shhhhhhhhhh!!! are u gona be stunting? any nice bends? long straights?

need 2 know these things b4 i comit m8ty

Ill be at the Ace but i cant stay to late as i have to go to work Saturday morning.

yippeee chit chat time!!! i cant wait jp!!!

we will just have to remember to breath this time!!LOLOLOLOl

ok do it mean iv got to sit on the roundabouts again and be policeman watch!!!



I hope you`ve got MORE gossip on Lance corprol upyourarse.

ah well i got a flat tyre

from goose by the way

no im not telling u our sex antics hun!! thats for later!!!heheheheh


Get Goose to fix it today and ride out tonight. If he doesnt ill have a few words with him tonight.


I know about Adams lack of staminer, so don`t need to talk about your sex life again.

here we go again, me getting attacked by john p!! and gina encouraging it along!!

anyway, back to the topic, goose you can get the puncture repaired!! it’ll be a good night, ive seen the route that terry has sorted and its quite good!!

not quite the same standard as the routes that i normally sort out but not bad seeing that he is getting on a bit and now has to work in an office!!

I’ll try to be there guys, too much wet weather riding of late so hopefully it’ll be dry.

T’other half is trying to organise us to go out, fingers crossed it falls through

Debs & I will be there

Fingers crossed for the weather

ME N HARRIET WILL BE THERE, its gonna be her last appearance…

TERRY!! you done the route yet???

He is still trying to find Chelsea Bridge

i heard that he now has to work in the office cos he wasnt very good as a courier! kept getting lost and blaming Tom!!

now he’s a controller!!

i should be there.

so where we going terry?

adam sort him out.

be nice to see you gina

Is this a fast ride ?

steve, you’ll be ok on this ride! its more about having a larf rather than a serious riding itinery, terry does spend a lot of time organising the routes though!

but seriously you’ll be alright on it, see you at the petrol station that gina said tommorrow probably at half six ready to go! i’ll get gina to confirm it with ya tommorrow on the phone!

and it wont be that fast cos terry is on a honda!! and we sometimes get a few yamaha’s clunking about at the rear of the group!

I’ve been given the green light and will try to get there on time. (what time?)

Will a lumpy ole v-twin be able to keep up with you guys?