Ace 9th June

Anyone out and about at the ace Friday?

Also anyone fancy a cheeky blast to heathrow later in the eve?

whats cheeky about blastin to heathrow !!..

you sure you done mean hampstead “heath” !!

Perhaps his leathers lack a bit of coverage

(had to be a bit careful with that one)

Cheers Mark.

Well i’ll be having a blast to heathrow but only cos i live 2mins down the road from it!!!

Damn my secrets out! Thats the end of the special personal favours for you young man!

Terry, a lot of things I am, and a lot I won’t confirm, and personel favours sound like a dubious pass time to me , but young man, we’ve never met then, I take it

Cheers Mark.

This Friday 7pm ace sharp!

Fridays are previously booked I’m afraid, so no can do, I’ll be at my normal spot out side Neros on Frith St.

Cheers Mark.

Wish I could make it this Friday, but I have a prior engagement with copious amounts of beer at Billing Aquadrome.

I dont live far from Heathrow, whats the attraction are you a closet plane spotter ?

No the roads round it and Stockley park too

Might be tempted… to come out and play on my little one for a bit

Hiya, should be up for an hour or two.

Trisckie, are you coming this Friday?!

I could drop by ace for few hours too? …will call u Andrea and Trisckie?

Stockley is good fun nice ride out of London and v quiet late at night too so you have it to yourself.

Do Peeps still go to Stockly??? I though the old Bill had put and end to it as they had too many compliants from resisdents? I could be wrong and TBH there is a good chance that I am.

Well tend to go after Frifth which means its quite late and there is never anyone there at all. Plus its good not to stay just there for ages play for a bit go away then come back.

If anyone’s down at the ace during the day, and sees a bloke on a blackbird, and a gurly on a GSX750F doing the Bikesafe thing, that’ll be Me and the Mrs.

We wont be there till after 7:30pm…so guess you will be gone?

SO…come BACK later !!! hee hee