ace 8/2/

who"s going:)

I’m popping up to sunny Liverpool and equally sunny Manchester this weekend. Have a goodun folks! :smiley:

Is this the car and van meet? If so, count me in! :w00t:

Great thread title Tug - really eye catching :wink:

We should be there :cool: As long as it isnt too cold & wet for the car :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll be there.

Lazy c*nt could’nt even put a capital letter on it :angry: I cant make it this week, working on the bike…getting the bodywork ready to drop off at the paint shop, and the frame ready for polishing :)Got to have it all done by the weekend cause I got a van sorted to drop them off :cool:

How many body shops do you know that take stuff in on a weekend? :wink:

Agh yeh I knew there was something I forgot…ask Grim (cause he’s the Guvna :P) if it’s ok to drop it off :slight_smile:

Just asked him Terry - he said no probs & are you still wanting the Mr Blobby colour scheme? :wink: If so did you check with Noel that its ok regarding the copyright? :stuck_out_tongue:

Probably be down there at some point, tomorrow evening :slight_smile:

No need Debz since he got the sack from the house party :wink:

Yes still want to go ahead with the scheme :smiley:

I’ll be down, see if Stacy’s finished putting the wheels on your tattoo Tugs :smiley:

Wot this one :smiley:


Cut it out you too!!

I’ll be there

Yup should be there. Is this a stayer or is it the starting point before moving off somewhere?

That’s always the exciting bit :smiley:

So who will you be going as this time Ang?;):smiley:

we’ll be there!

Cool, not met you yet :wink: