Ace 2moro??? 5th monday


im considering going, as it is newbie night.

A few of us will be going out for a little bimble out Henley way, and should be back at the Ace about 6ish

ill probably get lost so i wont be there till after six anyway lol :slight_smile:

  • i hate the a406 :frowning:

I’ll be there:D

i will be there if i am still sane after baby sitting my boss’s son all say long !!

Please come over and say hi to me i’ sh!!!y, you can’miss me, i’m riding a mucky CBR, i have bright red hair and i am bound to be wearing something pink

don’t worry Emma I’m sure thier will be plenty young men wanting to say hi:w00t:

HAHa you wont be saying that when you see my helmet hair

guffaws it’s far too late for saying things like that. night all.

When you arrive, just look for a bunch of scruffy gits down the back end by the stage, should be a large table full of londonbikers, I’m sure youll be fine;):smiley:

ill have a tied back mohawk! and metal all over my face! im on a red shitty ybr :smiley:

You mean i have to go over and say hi myself !!! DAUNTING

ill meet u out side and we can say hi together if u want lol

I should be there, possibly, maybe, perhaps.

If I am I’ll be in my pink camo jeans so Stacey will know what to look for!

Am coming with a pillion but wont be staying too long… an NO lectures please had enough on friday :smiley:

Will try as well to pop in and see you all

See you all later-is there a secret codeword to give when approaching the rowdy gang on the big table? :wink:

Yeah, It’s would anyone like a coffee;)

maybe there not sure would like to make it

Climb onto the bar and shout “bananahammock” … we’ll wave you over and introduce ourselves :wink: :hehe:

Hi Guys - I’m gonna head down there later.
Should be around 6ish.
I’m a newbie too, so keep your eyes open - Tall, lack of Hair - White Speed 3.

See you’s all later