Yes you can!

Rodge will be impressed!

I can write it with a little help :stuck_out_tongue: god help me if him and Miggy start talking to me in Portuguese later!!


you can be certain that’s going to happen!

cant make tonight, got work to do, not like some. :slight_smile:

sadly i’ll not be around tonight :frowning:

The missus has mates coming down from liverpool, so ive got to be sociable with a couple who i have nothing in common with for a whole weekend… marvellous.

all gonna sit there wiv curly wigs on going “calm down, calm down” wanna fight :D:D:Doh and all dressed in shellsuits :):D:P

Nice to see a few of us out tonight, sorry we didn’t go to the Brazilian for supper.
Still can’t believe some of the old crew out… Adz and Nuts. Nice to see you boys :slight_smile:

I didn’t go anywhere