Ace- 05th August( streetfighter)

I went last year - it was excellent- not heard many talking about it- is it still on?

sure is, stunt shows by

Starboyz (US Team)

i may well come along to this and have a look!!!

me and me bitch terry motto will be going…

Bet you’ve finished your bike and gonna shock us

after last week i think its better if terry just watches and adam can learn

wot do you mean ? that was a controlled skid

I’ll be on the beer mate…me BiAtch is picking me up

what is spart picking you up then

wot time the stunts on?

Best time to arrive?

will hopefully sort this poxy manifold bolt on gina’s bike today then will be getting there sometime in the morning!

you notice he didnt say which morning

tel do you mean the knocker is picking you up

just got back…great day out…good news lb member won first.spart 666

well done mate

how come only one of my feet has been sunburnt???

well done spart!

what a day! now back to the garage!