Accomodation Wanted (West London preferred)

I want to move back into town. I’m looking for a massive room with a garage where I can put my bike in your house flat or annex. I don’t want to pay very much rent (maybe a token 20 pounds a week to go towards a nice cleaner) so I can spend the savings on fast bikes and fast women.

It would need to be near a tube station as I don’t want to ride the CBR to work in case it rains.

I am clean, tidy and can provide references. If you have a suitable place please send me a PM.



You’re looking for a flat share, not your own place I assume?

My mate Liz has a few rooms going spare, maybe worth popping around seeing what you think of the place :,+United+Kingdom&ll=51.501023,-0.141578&spn=0.006398,0.02105&z=16

She has quite a few dogs mind, so if you’re not an animal lover, it might not be for you.

Are the women in Guildford so chaste and boring that you have to leave?

Sorry we don’t have a spare room but will let you know if we hear of anywhere suitable. :wink:

I’m probably going to be working in town a lot more and can’t be arsed with the commuting. Guildford is Ok but there is no public transport infrastructure so you can’t even go for a coffee without getting in the car.

welcome back,pm tiggi i think she was looking for a lodger,:wink:

Well my flat isn’t even built yet and I wasn’t really looking for a lodger anyway so sorry I can’t be of any help!! Oh and it’s not in London it’s in Bedfordshire! You’ll have to excuse Tug, he’s getting on a bit and seems to be getting forgetful! I suppose it’ll happen to the best of us when we get old :wink:

Er…aint said YOU allowed into Bedfordshire yet have I ? we are choosy and not too keen on Riff raff doncha know :D:D:D

Haha too late I’m afraid, I’m def moving in, not until end of Aug so make the most of it until then :slight_smile:

oooh piss up at your new gaff…wreck the joint :D:D:D