accidental (on purpose) drift

I have just recently got back on the SM horse and am still getting used to the Husqvarna’s idiosyncrasies, I mean gears.

As I was preparing to turn left, I decided that I would use a little more engine breaking on the turn and stomped down a couple of gears just as I was turning. This had the desired effect of scrubbing off speed, but locked the rear wheel a little which then drifted out a bit. I managed to control it and continued with the turn, but was still buzzing afterwards with the feeling that I had made the first step.

Anyone here drift using gears and clutch like that? Any tips?

Its all about practice :wink:


Check that first :slight_smile:

Your not suposed to lock up the rear Garret to powerslide properly :stuck_out_tongue:

Cant do it myself yet though :hehe:

Thanks for the links! :slight_smile:

Circuito de Castellolí -where they filmed ‘Supermoto No Limits’ the Dani Ribalta vid is near me, might have to get in some practice there.
Hehe, right.

try it on mud:D

Christ! Is that a car you’ve got on the back? :slight_smile:

TBH, Mariusz gave me a good idea - I’m going to get a cheapo, 2nd hand mountain bike and have a go at skids and wheelies on that first (less to damage); and I’ll probably begin off road. :wink:

A car on my back?? Lol ya lost :hehe:

Car wheel/tyre! Its huge lol.


Poor mel lol your idea of huge/wide is way off dude 165/17 maxxis wet:P
but then you are only on a r6 so I’ll let that go:D