accident yesterday A2 woolich flyover

I would like to hear the riders side to this.

my brother was going home from work in his van yesterday and as he went over the woolich flyover [going south] the traffic was at a stand still, as he came to a stop in the middle lane a bike came past him at orbit speed to try and filter between lane 2 and 3 but there was a bike ahead already stationary 5 cars ahead, he started to brake bouncing off the side of the first 2 cars of each lane, then bike then stops on the front wheel the riders goes flying off the bike [ and hear this] HE LANDS ON THE BACK OF THE BIKE IN FRONT which is just about pulling away, his feet are still in the try to run position but he is on the back of this poor guys bike not being able to reach the floor, his own bike had flipped a 360 and spilt out oil or petrol all over the road.

my point to this is, can the rider please pm me the lottery numbers for Saturday, i am still finding this hard to picture in my head how this guy managed to do this, it puts tm ,flipper and adam h to shame

Holy f*ck! :w00t:

does the guy need new buddies THAT much???

Sound like a scene description for Mission Impossible :smiley:

That’s pretty lucky!!!