Accident update

So I got a letter from the met today about what’s going to happen to the driver that left the scene.

Can you guess what they said I bet you can.

Basically not in the public interest.

What pisses me off they have not contacted me for the video even though the know I have it also 3 independent witnesses and this clown is going to walk Scott free!!!

What a fucking joke! This clearly has not be investigated at all left a bit of a sour taste in my mouth about he MET if I’m honest…

The police are a useless bunch of you know what’s!
Maybe follow up with the solicitors…go for him personally yourself

This is probably due to bring under resourced. Maybe you can appeal.

It’s nothing to do with the police
It’s the cps who have decided not to prosecute

And there is nothing stopping you perusing a civil case im sure

Wise the police have made no effort to investigate so how can the cps make an informed decision?

Like I said above they have not even bothered to ask for the video

They would only ask for it as evidence & as the cps isn’t going to do anything there will be no need to collect evidence
I was in the same situation 18 months ago
And I knew the police officer who attended the accident

Write to the Borough Commander for assistance. Send them the video too.

CPS are also a total waste of time! Experience of both has been shocking…and they all wonder why they get a total lack of respect.

I’m going to follow it up.

I was thinking this morning if I get caught by a speed camera I get 3points and a fine.

This idiot does and illegal U-turn knocks me off as a result he then fucks off and gets nothing for the privilege.