Accident recovery

You have breakdown cover - but turns out it doesnt cover an accident.

So lets say you bin the bike and it wont start… and you’re in the sticks miles from anywhere…who you gonna call? Are there any cheap and reliable recovery outfits?

(Not happened - but last weeks minor tumble had me thinking “what if”)

Sneaky might know someone - think he has it on Speed Dial on his phone for that Sunday morning jaunt !

I was also thinking about this… accident and breakdown cover… what are the options?

rac will recover crashed bikes but the aa dont

if fully comp and its a claim …ins company may have provisions for this or failing that make friends with anyone with a van or trailer especially family members lol … who dont mind that early morning bugger it phone call

Cheers - in that case…I’m covered! Sorted.:):slight_smile:

Am I correct in thinking that they will recover non-members, at a higher cost?

Read this thread.