Accident on the old kent road

And can somebody please show me the roadside safety camera that can photograph the absence of a licence?:angry:

Sorry about your mate, speedy recovery. I hope the idiot is caught and dealt with accordingly.

Like making him crush his Lexus, and doing time.

Or chop off his legs.

just to clear something up guys, as the rider was injured the police were called as a matter of course, and it was from them that we know that the driver didnt have a licence.

ive still not heard from steve this morning but when i do i will pass on all the GWS’ :smiley:

I would have thought you could find that out from the persons name (if they stopped) or from the reg plate leading to the registered owner of the car.

That is crap news mate.I hope Pete recovers quickly, and the bike is sorted soon - looks expensive,

As for the driver, even with the Old Bill involved, he’ll probably get away with a fine and points - sad but true! Taking his licence away doesn’t appear much of a deterent does it?:angry:

Punishment never reflects the fact that these idiots could have killed someone.

Please tell your friend GWS from me.

That’s exactly what happened to me and I can totally understand how he’s feeling right now. If there anything that I can help with then just let me know.

Please be careful out there people!

Get well soon Ducati rider.

Oh and Old kent road is famous for drivers with no licence, or insurance. Got knocked off twice, both times at traffic lights with the lights on red.

Good luck with witnesses as no one will come forward.

They already did.