Accident on the old kent road

Anyone see an accident on the bottom end of the old kent road tonight? it happened near the Toys’r’us at about 5.20

it involved a Ducati 999 and a silver lexus, the lexus did a U-turn on the filtering rider. turns out the driver had no licence so if anyone witnessed it we could do with your input

Steve, the duke rider has had a bad arm injury, and is in the hospital at the moment

if you did see anything or want to wish the rider a get well soon, then drop me a pm so i can forward it on to the rider





f’ing car drivers

fcuking car drivers without licences etc!!!:angry:

hope he gets well soon & the twat that doesnt have a license gets what he/she deserves, is there any cctv area?

yeah there was a bus driver who hopefully got it all on the bus lane camera. it happened right in front of him

i hope that get the w***a, argh makes my blood boil!!

instead of buying a Lexus the ****** shoud have got a licence, speedy recovery to the rider.

damn!! sorry to hear this! hope someone can help. :ermm:

Awwww flamin hell not another one what is it wiv cagers!:angry:

Why don’t the flippin goverment do a billboard/advertising campaign to highlight the problems us bikers have with cagers???Grrrrrrr makes me soo Angry…Nice bike n all, wish him a speedy recovery mate:)

Sheeat … not good!!

but good luck sorting it!

I am sure in other countries there is jail for drivers without the proper license.
How is this in UK?


Hope the guy will get better soon!!:wink:

Its not people that drive cars that are the problem its the idiots that drive around with no insurance, license etc that think they can just get away with it. I would like to think that someone who had actually passed there test wouldnt have done what this twat has done.

I drive a car aswell as ride a bike

As said above Mate

I would have liked to follow that Lexus driver to wherever he lives…

And i totally doubt that, they know how to play the system.

can afford a lexus… yet no licence. gutted for the rider… lush bike :frowning:

Ask TFL.

Wishing Steve a speedy recovery.
Hoping the Lexus driver contacts a serious and painfull desease !!

GWS to your mate, hope he can be back on two wheels soon! As for the car driver…nope - this is a public forum…

Sorry to hear about this, seems like the t**t in the car doesn’t have a license for a good reason. (How do you know he doesn’t have a license btw?)

Hope the rider makes a speedy recovery.

The police should have been involved tbh. The problem is the punishment would probably be sod all, IMO the car should be crushed and the driver done for no license, no insurance etc, hopefully with a stay in a cell with a huge fella who’s not seen a woman in a while.