Accident on The Highway this evening....WTF

Lorry and van, square on head on collision but I can’t for the life of me figure out what they were doing to end up how they were… anyone else see it?

OK, so I guess nobody else saw it. Just by way of an explanation as to why I thought it was a worthwhile post: the scene I was met with appeared to be the aftermath of a lorry offsiding a pedestrian crossing (complete with central offset refuge) and smashing head on with a van who was coming the other way but also appeared to have been travelling on the wrong side of the road. The impact took place on the hatched area in the middle of the road with both vehicles at an angle and each of them having their rear wheels in the lane oncoming traffic would have been in.

Blimey it’s hard to explain in words, would have been a good day to have attached my camera.

I think you’re talking about the same thing Kaos told me about when he finally got home :ermm:

Yeah I was saw that, luckily the police let bikes filter past, because the traffic really wasn’t moving anywhere…was a nice quiet ride home after that though.

Not sure how it happened, but I did see a motorcycle at the side of the road. I hypothesised that the motorcycle was filtering, lost control on the gravel in the middle, went across into oncoming traffic, the lorry, trying to avoid him, took evasive action which took him into the oncoming traffic where he had a straight head-on collusion with another lorry.

Pure guesswork, not even sure the bike was involved, but couldn’t think of another reason that the lorry ended up on the wrong side of the road.

The lorry had a blowout and went wrong side of the road, clipped a transit van that was parked about 100 yards further up the road then hit the other van head on pushing him back a fair distance. The guy on the Honda Deauville was filtering between the 2 eastbound lanes and had to take evasive action when the lorry hit the van. He clipped the mixer lorry net to him and went down. Minor hand injury but the Honda was written off.

No serious injuries for anyone but the scene was carnage for a few hours with diesel and hydraulic fluid all over the road, that was why it took so long to get the road reopened as specialist cleaning teams had to come out due to the quantity. Any other bikers had hit it they would have been straight off.

Jesus, sounds like Mr Honda had a lucky escape!

Wow, well that would explain it! Lucky Mr Honda indeed!