Accident in Lower Thames Street

Saw what looked like a trail bike under a tipper truck west bound in Lower Thames Street yesterday. Looked very bad, anyone know what happened ?

oh dear hope the rider is ok

I was going eastbound along lower thames street when I saw it happen.
Tipper truck was about 100 yards in the opposite direction coming towards me with what I thought was a big plastic bag under his bumper until I realised it was a motorbike.there was debri all over the road but luckily the rider was alive.
I’m not a biker myself but it looked like he had all the protective clothing on which probably saved him.
Needless to say that I haven’t slept properly at night since.

If the said biker is reading this then please let us know that your ok

Must have been quite nasty, as the road was closed for ages.

My partner told me he damaged his leg, he’s lucky as it could off been worse. Allegedly he tried to pass between a van and a truck, it shows why good protective outfits are a must

blimey he was lucky then