Accident 3rd July Camden 6pm

Hi, I was involved in an accident on Thursday evening (3rd July) at about 6pm in Camden. I was knocked unconscious and remember nothing but I’ve been told that a car ran a red light and took out myself and another motorcyclist. Trouble is there aren’t usually any traffic lights in the area where I’ve been told that it happened.

I’ve been trying to find out how the other biker is and, despite hours of phone calls, all I’ve managed to get so far is that he “sustained an injury that wasn’t too serious”. I’m obviously worried about the other biker as my injuries were serious and my bike is looking like it’s damaged beyond repair. I’d also like to get some kind of picture of what happened.

I’m posting here in case the other biker happens to be a member or happens to look on this forum or if anyone reading this knows him/her. If it is you then please do get in touch and I’m sorry if I did anything that exacerbated the incident (as I said - I have no memory at all of what happened).

Sorry to hear about your accident! It wasn’t me, and I’ve not seen anything posted here by any of our regulars, but hopefully the other rider will turn up and be able to fill you in. Get well soon!


Sorry to hear this too, hopefully someone can shed some light on it for you, must be really killing you not knowing what happened! i take it they got the [email protected] that done it too you

don’t see any traffic lights

GWS mate! Hope you get more info soon.

Thanks guys, and thanks for the link, I’d not seen the report and didn’t think there were any traffic lights.
I’m getting better every day but movement is still very slow. Still in the dark about what happened as well. I do hope the other biker is okay.

hello my name is Paul i was the other biker who was injured on July 3rd in camden when a stupid girl ignored a stop sign a mowed down myself and another guy on a Harley who i have since met and was happy to see him looking well. As for myself i suffered multiple compounf fractures to my right lower leg which had to be fitted with an external fixator held in place with 14 steel rods. After 5 months i finally go into hospital to have my scaffolding removed and be able to wear long trousers again. The girl in question will hopefull lose her licence …she bloody deserves to as she very narrowly erscaped killing us by her wreckless driving!! Will i ride again? Not sure i can ever go through that experience again…i rode for 40 years with very little grief but man that was a bad one!!

WOW, good to hear you are on the Mend, Hope she gets what is coming to her!!

this is a good story.

glad you’re both ok. :slight_smile:

Glad you both are okay. What a chance that you found each other, what a great story.

Hope the driver get’s as deserved.

‘he “sustained an injury that wasn’t too serious”’

i wonder where they got that sentence from!!!

glad to hear you since got in touch and both are recovering, sorry to hear about your ‘not too serious injury’ which is infact life changing, and hope that bitch gets what she deserves.

Good to see LB as a contact point in this instance.:slight_smile:

Hope you all get well and whatever recompense you deserve.

what he said