Access to water for cleaning in London

Reading all the ACF-50 threads, i would love to get it done professionally but i dont have 50 quid to spare at the moment, and i live in a 3rd floor flat, the bike is parked off the road basically in a building site, not the ideal place to do basic maintenence or clean.

I dont mind jetwashes, but years ago they were all over, now i rarely see them (working), and even then i dont want to be rushed by 2 minute timers etc

Anyone else in the same situation?

Where do you go to clean/work on your bike?

You don’t need water.

Just use a rag and some ‘stuff’ i.e wd40, fs365 and some furniture polish for the plastics etc.

I’ve not ‘washed’ a bike “properly” in years.

i use the jet wash holloway road shell stn:) there always working and you pay per minute not a token.,_LONDON/PETROL_STATION/SHELL_UK_LTD/XDD92A380A08D4E1BBCAA9191E499DA7A

Has that Shell station reopened then? It was shut down for renovation or sth last week.

Get yourself one of them garden pump type sprayers,thats what i use .

Take it to Bandit Bikes. Somewhere out east, Bethnal Green I think. Not used 'em myself but have seen them recommended on these forums a few times.

Thanks for the advice, i will probably end up getting one of those pressure cleaners, do you just put your cleaning product with the water?

Count, I know the place you are talking about i think, is it on Nelson St, goes as prestige car wash now, they do a good job on a bike for £5.

The thing is i have let a number of my ex bikes down by being lazy and not cleaning and maintaining them… i now have a shiney tool set and the will not to go down the lazy road again…

I want to go over my own bike slowly so i can spot any early problems too…

Cheers all

Take the ACF50, wax, WD40 and all the other stuff with you.

Get them to wash the bike and then go somewhere nearby and quiet to do the real work.

A few years back, a friend livining Kensington flat used to do that using a pay and display car park for the second bit, and “rent” a car space for a couple of hours. He even found one with toilets so he could wash his hands at the end.

Had a bit of a problem with wardens but, once they had the situation explained to them, they left him alone.

Might still be worth a punt.

Well if your ever down Sevenoaks way your welcome to use my driveway and the hose pipe out the front of the house

Mind your grease nooks. Them sprayers can strip your bearings dry… don’t want them wheels seizin on ya…

Im sure the tulips and gladioli will disagree ! these dont put out enough pressure to wash grease off anything ,fill it will water and bike shampoo and away you go ,certainley beats lugging buckets of water up and down stairs,Its also economical with the way it dispenses the water so you wont have to fill it too many times.

I picked up a HozeLock 5 Litre one today, very happy with it, just the right pressure for cleaning the bike, also has a second trigger assembley with a shower attachment :P,

What cleaning products does everyone use?

I have some generic petrol station car shampoo, it does the job. Is that AutoGlym stuff any good?

Tomorow i will take the plastic off and give the bike a good clean and spray with ACF-50.

I use the Hein Gericke bike cleaner, spray bike with cleaner, leave for 10 minutes then wash and rub down with clean water. Then wait for it to dry and spray with ACF50. Job done.:smiley:

I use Muc-Off and Wurth brake/chain cleaner. They do the job pretty well! :slight_smile:

Once you have the damned thing clean, AutoGlym is the dogs. According to a garage near me.

Wurth chain products come with a “best buy” rating as well.