Acccident - help needed


I’ve just dropped my hornet. Just after leaving a round about, hit some gravel and you can guess the rest! :frowning:

The damage appears to be:
New exhaust needed
Grab handle
Foot peg
Handle bar bent

That’s the obvious stuff, but it won’t start now. Think it’s electrical as the speedo display was going on/off.

R&G crash protectors saved the body work at least.

I’m trying to work out if I should go through insurance or not. I use the bike to commute from Guidlford into London, so need to factor the cost of this in and my insurance doesn’t provide for the cost of a hire bike.

When a bike goes in for repair, is it normal practice for the repair place to provide a courtesy bike (if not provided my insurance)?


What year?

if you source electrical problem i would not bother with insurance, remember you premium will go up next yr.

is it turning over on the button or completely dead ? it may have just flooded when tipped over…

If it has a tilt switch, then this may have come loose in the accident, you’ve also said that the clocks are going on and off, so maybe one of the multi-plugs has come loose.

If you’re in Guildford then I’m not that far from you, as I’m only in Windlesham, so if you want me to pop down and give it a quick look over, then I’m more than happy to come and help you and help to get you back on the road again without going through your insurance.

Let me know, and glad you’re ok.


Thanks for the replies, much appreciated!

Just went to move it with some mates, handle bar is bent but forks appear to be fine. Tried to start it and it just ‘clicks’. My old SV did this when the battery was buggered so fingers crossed it’s not too serious.

The local bike place (GD Browns) was literally just up the road so we left it there. I’ll give them a call in the morning, hopefully they’ll be able to fix it. I can do exhaust, indicators myself so if they can get it started and replace the handlebar and peg (don’t want to ride it home with a bent bar and no peg!).

Thanks for the offer Rich, that’s awesome of you. Hopefully I can get the majority of it sorted but I’ll let you know! :slight_smile: