Acadamy Day on the 23rd September at Brands ?

As lots of you said you would prefer Brands I am looking to gauge interest before booking the day. Could you give me a indication whether this date would be:

Deffo or Possible

Details below

121RIDE - Academy Day @ Brands Hatch on 23rd September

For all you experienced riders out there 121Ride are holding an Academy Training day at Brands Hatch on the 23rd September.

The day will be a full on learning experience with maximum track time (upto 40mins every hour) plus classroom sessions to get the very best out of your potential.

You will be pushed much harder than the Ron Haslem school and you will not be constrained by levels like the Californian SuperBike School.

The day will begin with introduction to your instructor for the day.

You will then be assessed - Riding Style, Lines and Lap times.

We will then work on individual areas to get you upto the next level. That may be just a tweak or introducing new skills.

The track based work will focus on:

Steering - Steering faster and turning later
Braking - How to control entry speed to corners, trail braking
Throttle control - Getting on the gas earlier, and adjusting line with the gas
Weight transfer - Foot peg weighting and using the legs for bracing

Classroom tutorials will include:

Bike set up - Advanced suspension set up, tyre pressures, how to log changes
Advanced Riding - Sliding the bike, Weight transfer, gearing, engine revs.

Mental State - Thinking yourself faster, learning from others
Walk the track - Lunchtime

The instructors are ex BSB rider’s, current racers and have already won races this year.

There are 2 groups.

Group 1 - Aimed at Inter/Fast group riders.

Typically you will be an improver or someone who has reached a plateau on track days. By the end of the day we would aiming to be at the sharp end of the fast group

Group 2 - Aimed at Fast Group / Current Racers

This is aimed at people who want to be the fastest person on a track day or who are racing but not competitive. By the end of the day you will be faster…no question.

The cost of the day including the track day is £325.00

Places are limited to 8 in each group.

Any questions call me on 07786 698515 or see

We will make you faster

Wan’t to go faster? 121 Track Based Coaching

Deffo - group 1 - come on guys we can get a load involved for this.

might be up for this gota put in alot more overtime though

hmmm going into group 1 :smiley:

would of loved to of done this but getting married on the 20th sept will be on the honey moon for a week after shame had real fun tonight round brands just need to get the tution so i can get round faster