Absolutely disgusting!

I’ve just seen Craig Jones (I think) crash heavily at Clearways at Brands and was laying in the middle of the track.

Knocked out, he got clipped by another bike and other bikes had to drastically cut around him.

It looked horrible. He wasn’t moving and it looked like his arm was broken.

The marshals were pretty good waving frantically to get other bikes out the way and then the ambulance crew rushed to the scene.

Now I might be missing something, but at no point did the commentator mention the crash or it’s seriousness. He was spouting nonsense about the 6 pounds programme and then making crap jokes with his commentary guest.

I just find that disgusting. Guy could be dead and he’s talking sh*t. No respect at all.

They had the sheets out around the rider and currently the helicopter that was about to take the rider has landed again. It doesn’t look good.

I really hope he’s ok.

:frowning: i agree, commentator must have seen the off?

hope hes ok…

For something as serious as that the commentator should have consentrated on the accident and what happend.

take it you didnt get to the race, afro?

Also how can the final race position have graig jones 2nd when he didnt finish the race and was cos of his crash it got stopped, i know it goes on the position of the last lap but surely in this case its nonsense.
Hope he gets well soon.

I think they was not commenting on him cos it looked like the worst had happened.

fingers crossed everybody …looks like a serious head injury …they have flown him to the Royal London Hospital


thoughts are with him and family at this worrying time

best wishes to all concerned

and to afro too …

don’t be stupid , how would you feel if it was your their loved being shown on live tv …lying unconsious on the track …i think they did a fine job by not using the close up camera …and having the respect not to discuse the incident

keith-17 (03/08/2008)

I didn’t watch it, but having read this thread, I did think it would have probably been best if they didn’t start speculating, if nothing else but for respect for the family. Especially if they didn’t know what was going on properly.

I hope Craig Jones makes a good and speedy recovery, thoughts with those close to him.

Really hope he recovers, that’s about as serious an injury as you can get. I recall a very similar thing happening to Kenny Irons at Cadwell in 1988, although sadly he didn’t make it :frowning:

i think they did the right thing, they knew it was bad and didnt want to foucus on it…

even whitham shut up…

get well soon jonesy…

Agreed, I think Fred Clark is a very profesional commontator who has been doing the job longer than I care to remember and he was trying to focus peoples attention from the horror unfolding at clearways.

Everyone feared the worst, having spoken to Andrew&7, he said the medics were in tears at the time.

It really cast a shaddow over the second WSB race.

I think the chopper took off and landed to make a space for the Kent Air Ambulance

Wishing Jonesy a speedy recovery. I’m very relieved to learn he is still with us.

I was there at Brands today and I have to say I’m glad they didn’t start speculating.

Seeing that poor guy thrown across the track coupled with my lucky escape last week seriously made me think about giving it all up. I was shocked to the core and was extremely upset to have seen it happen so god only knows how his family must have felt.

In my honest opinion, I think Fred Clark did a sterling job of trying to get the massive crowd to forget what they had seen and concentrate on the 2nd Superbike race, especially after the huge excitement of the first race

Must be just me then, but some people would do well to read before they respond. At no point did I mention cameras being used to show the horrible events. You came up with that yourself :rolleyes: I was watching at track side to see that happen.

Anyway, I’ve been to races before when a serious accident has occured. I didn’t expect speculation or rumour, but just to wish the rider well would have sufficed before moving on with the proceedings.

Maybe I was too close for comfort seeing Jones their unconcious with a bike hitting and spinning him, and the paramedics desperately trying to resucitate him.

I just think to start joking and talking about an overpriced programme guide was more than just a bit callous.

I can never work out the Red flag rule :ermm: Seems different every time. Some riders can have an off and are allowed a restart, some get their position from a previous lap before the Red, but not always consistant in my eyes :unsure:My fingers are crossed for Jonesy :wink:

It does seem a confusing situation as WSB rules count back a lap where BSB seem to go on last lap positions.This race had already been restarted once due to fallers in the rain. There seemed confussion on the restart grid to whether they should restart in race order or original grid positions.Its amazing how only five minutes before the whole grandstand was laughing at Jonesey taking a pee up against the crash barrier on the start line. Soon the laughter had turned to tears.:crying: