Absolutely death defying....

I would need a spatula to remove myself from the seat after something like this…bloody hell…I needed a spatula to get out of my computer chair just WATCHING.


do you think he or she was just acclimatising themselves to its handling charateristics to see how it handled in an emergency.It sort of reminded me of London and the reason I never go there (no offence intended)

This is just like riding in Bangkok…

The only decent place you could ride is in the express way ( top deck ) where you pay to get onto, ut bikes are banned from going on it… What a load of pants !

sorry this one did nothing for me…

it is just like a typical commute to work. I don’t normally harass other bikers as much as this guy, and I guess I collect more wing mirrors, hehe

Yeah, typical London street riding really. Perhaps a little more cavalier than I’d be (but less so than some ex-R6 pilots I could mention), but I reckon it’s only a wee bike - looking at the speedo and 120 kph is in the two oclock position - so can fit into the smallest of gaps.

Kregman, get yourself over here matey, we’ll acquaint you with real traffic LOL

eeeesh!! Lived in Tokyo for 5 years and the traffic does make you a bit mental but not bonkers like that!

LOL… When you gotta get through!!! MMmmmmmmmmm some close shaves there,
makes my town look like a country lane

I agree, regular traffic commuting! When you’re in the ‘zone’, you can be remarkably smooth and make good progress, though there’s hazzards to be attuned for, such as idiots swerving to other lanes, or people opening doors (never seen this myself, thankfully). Gixxer mirrors are a bit wide at times though, clipped mine a few times already. Used to love riding without mirrors, but it’s too risky overall.

yer just a normall day going to work down the A13

sorry Gregman, I forgot you weren’t in the UK.

Filtering (riding inbetween lanes of traffic) is legal here. I know when I lived in the US is was illegal and cars would actually drive into you if they see you.

No worries!

“Filtering” is quite illegal here in KS…I think it is legal in California though…For the most part, I think American drivers are FAR too aggressive to tolerate it. Some mean spirited arse would make a statistic out of you just for kicks if they saw you attempting to lane split and “pass” them.

Sad…but true.

Illegal !! Blimey!!!

I thought it was “Land of the Free” ?

no wonder you were shocked then.

What? That’s how I always ride…

An average London bike courier would be yawning and smoking riding like that…