Absolutely Completely Bloody Furious…

Sorry, I have to get this off my chest or I will explode…

In a post on another motorcyclists site, I wished everyone a Merry Christmas and added photos of the toy run, as I did on here, to spread some cheer. Most replies where of the ‘well done’ nature, ‘bikers doing good’ kinda thing… Except one; here, unedited excerpts from that thread:


Merry Christmas To You All
The Ace Café Toy Run Pics - Bikers are great people. Here is your proof. Hundreds of bikers attended, a van full of toys donated by them ditributed around three hospitals.”

The Dissenter replied:

“I assume that the toys go to all the needy children the area not just children in hospital as I have never understood why children in hospital would lack toys at Christmas”

My Reply

“??? Wow… Ooooooooook, they go to the kids in the hospitals we visited. Regardless of their background. I for one certainly would not be so crass as to investigate whether a child in hospital comes from a broken home or Buck House. It is a kid, it is not well, it is in hospital. It gets a prezzie; End Of…”

His reply:

As **** (another poster on this site) said he was very moved by the experience of giving a present to a sick child as is right and proper.
But what would be more useful to a sick child is not a present that will probably be ignored or broken in a couple of hours but better equipment or more nurses.
I deal with disadvantaged children and young people 24/7 350 days a year the physical and mental abuse they can sometimes suffer is beyond belief.
So when the nice bikers come giving out presents to the sick kids once a year, I do feel most of time they are bringing coals to Newcastle.

I would repectfully suggest maybe some presents could go to the local family centre they will know the familys that need the most help.

My Reply:

Most surprised this message, especially from you.

Mate, it was just some people doing some good, at their own expense, looking for nothing back except the smile in the kids faces. Bringing a little cheer to some sick kids, we were NOT trying to save the world, change anything, and we could have taken food to the 20,000 starving kids in Mexico who live on the streets…

Why don’t YOU organise something with YOUR local bikers to do what YOU want and help the kids YOU want to help RATHER THAN just dissing what other have done> Merry Christmas? Indeed…

OK, that is it; I am sorry to have a rant but to get this reaction from another motorcyclist really stunned me… As if we don’t get enough abuse from other sectors of society as it is… I apologise unreservedly to the people of LB and the moderators for having a rant, but another ‘biker’ dissing bikers doing good stunned the hell out of me… Of to have a cold shower and cool down… Yours sincerly, Toast, very very annoyed…

it was his opinion and to be honest it sounds like, not only a valid and justifiable opinion, but one from a source of intimate knowledge of the problem. So there is for sure nothing wrong with his views…:cool:but absolutely agree with your last comment, why doesnt he do something about his biker group…thats a fair and responsible retorte…:cool::cool:

I think he has some valid points…

I also think he should get off his ar5e and do something himself rather than criticise others efforts:)

those that do little will always shout the loudest, dont appologise for that. most of my posts are rants to some degree

I had the same issue with the VW camper community, who I figured would all be left-leaning hippy types like me, only to find out, via forum discussions, that there’s some right nasty fkers on there.

You just need to remember that not all bikers are the same inside, there’s idiots in every community. Sad but true.

I would like to raise a few issues with Mr martyr who works 24/7 350 days a year having only 15 days off and probably spends that time in psychiatric care as he clearly has issues!!1) why children in hospital would lack toys

Its not about the toys you T*** what the children are lacking are good health, being with loved ones, sleeping in there own bed on christmas eve no matter how hard we try to make the hosptial homely its still not the same as being at home. And its not only the children who appreciate the gesture the parents appreciate that total strangers on the whole, care. I can assure you a new piece of equipment doesnt get the same reaction when it comes onto the ward as when the children are made to feel special when people do something specifically for them which has nothing to do with illness or treatment.

  1. How is giving toys to abused children any different from children in hospital it will not take the abuse away just as it will not take the illness away but as said above its not about the toy. So yes it may lie broken or ignored a couple of hours later but for that time they were made to feel special and no medicine or piece of equipment can do that.

There are endless good causes and groups in need but as said by toast it was not about saving the world just spreading some cheer to one of those groups. I know for a fact that a number of churches in and around London collect New toys on the run up to christmas which are passed on to social services and distributed to families in need and children in care. If we all gave to the same cause then many more miss out.What has annoyed me most about this is the insinuation that children in hospital are somehow less important or in need.

I think this chaps missing the point,all children love presents,and the attention that they get,it makes them feel special and wanted in possible a difficult time in there lives.i would have loved to have help but unable at this time.also this give good press and presents bikers in good way, bravo to all that took the time and effort to do this.

Exactly what I was trying to say but got carried away ranting.:rolleyes:

The “surplus” presents that were not distributed at the hospitals came back in the van and were to be re-sorted by the organiser.

They will be given to children in homes and hospices and some will be distributed by parish priests and other community workers to needy children in their areas. That is what he told us on Sunday afternoon.

Also, I defy anyone to make an absolute judgement about who will benefit from such action. There are children from what may appear to outsiders as stable wealthy homes that are actually deprived of love and affection and gestures of good will from outsiders serve to warm their hearts and minds.

Don’t get too upset about the comments though, ignorance and self importance is rife I’m afraid.

Unbelievable - some people’s reactions. :crazy:

That’s just nasty:angry:

Let me know where he lives and I’ll get Santa to put Reindeer Poo in his stocking;):smiley:

People never fail to surprise you do they…?!

For what its worth i think its a lovely thing to do, doft hat to all that went… :wink: