Absolute Classic

Ooooh that Rossi is a cheeky bastid

Classic race, i have that on dvd and always watch it.

Sete was playing hardball long before that final corner and truly has nothing to moan about…

The crowd were chanting hijo de puta, normally the referee/policeman song !! A first for Rossi, despite being Italian, he is generally loved in Spain. Dani mania is really big here now, and judging by the motorway bridges full of excited teenagers as we left Valencia last year, Jorge Lorenzo 250 champ is alraeady a national icon.

Spanish MOTOGP races are like nothing else, I am really looking forward to motoring down to Jerez in just 7 short weeks time

A brilliant vid Thanks Mate

I remember that year when Sete talked about that race during the season…He was trying to win the moral vote by saying things like he was a fair rider, a grown up and such and such…


This is racing no?

Si, Si, Just watch the 125 and 250s if you want to see some real top quality thuggery . . . . His moaning and kicked puppy jive just highlighted his emerging psychological weakness.

My fave incident was in iirc Rossi’s first season on 500s, he apexed faster than Biaggi and exited the corner pulling alongside Max, who promptly and utterly blatantly tried to elbow VR into the gravel. This did not work and there was “allegedly” a punch up on the stairs the way up to the podium, Max B vs VR, with a few hangers on too involved. Asked at the subsequent press conference why he had some marks on his face Valentino, whose English was not up to its current level, said, “An insect came in my helmet”…whereupon every English speaker in the room promptly shat themselves laughing !!

[VR just looked puzzled…]

He’s still the Guv’na




Hopkins…Rossi…Pedrosa for the win?

As I look into my silver balls, I see that the doctor will switch to Suzuki and win again to make the record books by winning world championships on 3 different manufacturers.

You heard it here first