ABS/Speedo Fault

So ABS light was intermittently coming on now coming on for more extended periods and occasionally will lose speedo and ABS definitely isn’t working when lit up

Battery did struggle to start the other day so wondering if that’s the cause or is it likely to be something as simple as wheel speed sensor but then would expect to lose speedo completely no?

Have you had your tyres changed/puncture repaired recently? They can be easily damaged in that - I would be 95% sure it’s the sensor. It could be loose/have some dirt under the rubber boot, I’d check that before replacement. As I’m sure you already know, ABS works off the speed sensor to calculate relative wheel speeds - this is why it must be a sensor issue

No tyre change recently, bikes booked in to the garage on Fri now anyway as forgot it’s still under warranty :man_facepalming:

Sounds like a faulty hall effect sensor. Check that it is correctly positioned.

This sounds similar to what happened on my bike, battery not charging. ABS and Speedo failing. The fault was the Stator had failed.

I know from various car forums that low batteries throw up all sorts of error messages. On one forum I frequent the trouble-shooting advice for any error messages is to renew the battery first; they are not expensive in the scheme of things.

At the very least give it a proper overnight charge.

it’s been put on charge all day whilst at work on the work charger so will see if it’s made any difference on way home

Gonna be the Stator me thinks…just conked out on City road but will start then conk out 25m down the road

Awaiting recovery :weary:

Damn, hope you didn’t have to wait too long.

Broke down at 18:30…recovered at 21:15, home by 22:00 :weary:

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That’s pretty poor. What recovery service are you with?

Was AA and due to increased demand they outsourced my recovery to SOS motorcycles, guy that picked me up came from Oxford…

Last month I broke down at 18.30 in Brixton, was recovered at 1am, so you got off lightly. I’m with RAC.


Mate you could have pushed it home in that time. That’s shocking.

Well I got your diagnosis very wrong then! Sorry to hear about your woes. I’m with RAC and my experience with them has also been very long wait with the car ('04 Saab 9-5, died on me 2 miles after buying it, been fine since)

My bike regulator/rectifier has been threatening to quit on me for years now. She blows bulbs like they are paying for it. Was riding down to Portsmouth after work the other week, pulled out of fuel station on a very dark A3 and my headlight decided to quit, then revive itself after 10 miles. This morning the oil light came on for the first 20 miles or so, then gave up on its whinging. One day she’ll die, but hopefully not today!

So got to the bottom of the problem…:man_facepalming:

Positive battery terminal screw had worked itself loose causing the lead to come away intermittently from the bikes vibrations as I was riding

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Least it was a simple cheap fix :+1:t2:

at least you know what to check next time

We should have guided you there first really, it’s always the first thing to check with an electrical fault, they have a talent for working themselves loose. Occassionally they can get corroded too, same result