about time


looks like james haydon’s season could take a change 4 the good,no?

The guy has been asking for it all season. Bad mistake moving last year.

I’m surprised they let it go on for this long, to be honest. CS went from being the dominating team to a paddock joke, with privateers qualifying higher than them. They have the bikes, we know this from what’s going on in AMA & WSB, but they don’t have the critical component, the rider! I like Scott, he was good last year on the ZX10, but he doesn’t cut the mustard this year on the Suzuki.

Roll on his replacement. What about JR as well? Great racer, but he’s uncompetetive with his injured leg, they need a substitute!

Interesting that the BSB bike has not got anywhere near the pace and performance of the WSB bike. I don’t think it is the rider at present as Jay said, even Lavilla (before he got the Ducati ride) when he was on the Suzuki at the official Brands tests wasn’t up there on the times with race tyres, (as you’d expect with a team with the pedigree of Crescent), look what he’s doing on a competitive bike.

The K5 is an awesome machine, but to convert it into a superbike (I’ve built serveral different ones over the years) and get all the geometry changes and development right takes time, look at Toseland on the Factory Ducati this year. Honda have had a year plus, with factory support. In addition I don’t think the gap is as large between stock bikes that there was, which gave the Suzuki’s and Ducati’s an immediate headstart in the past.

Not that I’m surprised he got the “boot” ooops meant to say left amicably through mutual agreement, Crescent and their sponsors having had the sucess they have had over the last couple of years can’t afford mere top ten finishes. Can’t see it improving in the short term though.

Given that the Stobart Honda, Paul Bird Motorsport team and Virgin Mobile, are also struggling at the moment for pace and the series is currently dominated by Airwaves Ducati’s and primarily the “factory” Honda’s of HM Plant team, I struggle to see where there is a competitive ride anywhere at present.

Also rumors of McWilliams demise at present, watch this space !!!

I agree, though one does have to wonder what would have been, if Paul Denning had managed the team this year, instead of moving onto the impossible challange of the MotoGP team! The GP team is a complete waste of time, and only serves to draw funds better spent elsewhere, presumably with the only justifiable reason that if they pulled out, it’d be even worse for them, PR wise?

Regarding McWilliams, I’ve never been a fan of 'Belfast, to me, he hasn’t got the personality or the results to be worthy of a top BSB ride. There’s many other quality Brit riders out there just waiting to get experience or exposure, on a competetive bike.

poor old belfast… problem is he dosnt have the right passport may i remind you that he was only one of two riders to beat rossi in 250s the year he one and lets not forget phillip island on the proton tripple, loses the front AND the back catches the bike on his LEG gets the wheels down again and still set pole against the mighty four strokes! i think his downfall is too long on two strokes old dog new tricks etc but racers dont come a lot harder