About time I posted on here..

Been lurking the forums for a while, but only just got round to making an account and stuff.

Ride a Honda Hornet, started this madness on 2 wheels back in 06 on a 125 with the intention of doing the London Knowledge. After a year got fed up of the lack of power and bought myself a nice 600, still doing the knowledge and hopefully be out in a year or two, will try and get some pics of the bike up if the laptop will let me, might have to come check out these meets at the borough market next time I’m in the area, have seen a few bikes parked up there before, but only just realised its probably the guys from this forum.


welcome to LB :wink:

welcome! always good to see a fellow hornet :wink:

2nd pic with the tank, is that where you live ish.

i know where that is am not far from you too, welcome.

Nah, its the other side of London to me, I’m up in the NW, well in Uxbridge, but I travel all over the place, stompy the tank is just one of those landmarks I felt I should take a picture of, great little landmark that… was wondering if anyone would recognise him :smiley:

Welcome to LB and your from uxbridge i am from harrow gota few mates up your way that ride

welcome aboard matey :slight_smile:

It was nice to meet you Terry, Welcome to LB :slight_smile:

Welcome mate

Welcome to LB:D

Welcome to LB :smiley:

Hi :slight_smile: Welcome to LB :slight_smile:

Cheers all… Hopefully run into some of you on the roads

Likewise mate, hope you made it out onto the road after the ace :slight_smile: if you want to catch up next Sunday give me a shout, most likely be riding through the SW most of the afternoon…

Welcome to LB - I used to have a Hornet - loved it - great bike, reliable and very versatile:)

Glove snatcher.:slight_smile:

Welcome To The Forum

Nice Hornet

Yes I also steal gloves off respectableTriumph riders - particularly in wet weather - you have been warned ;):smiley:

Hello and welcome to LB:D Good choice on the Hornet,great fun bike!!

Found that tank today :smiley:



Hey - thats exactly the same as my bike :slight_smile: Love the Hornet though … had lots of fun on LB rides, track days and more with it. There’s a good few of us on Hornets, so look forward to saying “hi”.