Aberdeenbiker Moving to the big smoke!

Hey folks,

Names Kev, been riding for about 2.5 years around Aberdeen and the west coast of Scotland. Would class myself as a relaxed rider just on the bike for the feeling although a good overtake is always a good thing.

I’m a member of the Aberdeenbikers forum and was told about this one.

My and the god woman are moving to London in June and it would be good to come to a meet and meet some friendly (hopefully) faces. :stuck_out_tongue:

Still on my first bike a 2000 Honda VFR FI 800 which I doubt I will ever get rid of if I dont have too.

Anyway thats me so hello to all you big smoke types.:wink:

Cheers and we hope to meet you soon.


Welcome :slight_smile: Youre in for a shock! Take it easy on London roads, it can be a bit of a mad house and takes some getting used to. Keep your eye on the meetups thread

Welcome to LB:)

You’ll find people from everywhere on LB rides/meets, including some lovely ones from Scotland:)

You’re so kind. :kiss:
I have exams in July so realistically will probably catch up with you both after that.

Welcome to LB
There are quite a few Scottish people on here and of course we’re all very nice :slight_smile:

PS post again when you get down in June.
My one big piece of advice (other than that there are a lot of idiots on the roads here) is that there are plenty of people that will steal any bike…as I found out shortly after moving to London. If you havent got accommodation sorted yet try and get somewhere with a garage or at least some off road (out of sight parking) eg down the back of your house. (And obviously dont post details on here given that its an open forum)
I rarely ride into central London unless the bike’s parked in a couple of specific places where I know it will be safe with a disc lock or unless I can take my chain.
Other than that, its not all bad! lol Plus you will meet a lot of lovely people and no doubt make close friends through LB. :slight_smile:

Hi Kev Welcome To LB Be Good To See You


Hi Kev, I lived in Stonehaven for 5 years as a kid, spent the rest of my growing up in the Highlands. You’ll get on fine down here, just takes a wee bit of getting used too.
Make sure you come down to one of the meets when you get here and if you need any pointers re living in London (for anything really, not just biking) then just give one of us a shout or drop me a pm.


What made you think we meant you?:D:D

Welcome to the better weather!

Hello and welcome, the quality of the roads down here is not what your used to I’m sure and the drivers aren’t as ‘friendly’ to bikers.

Have a look at when the next Newbie night is after you come south, look forward to meeting you.

welcome aboard kev. :smiley:

Because Chris, I assumed Julie wrote that :hehe:

welcome to lb.good luck with the move down south, and as has already been mentioned london is like a world of its own when it comes to riding, so come to some of the lb metups for some friendly advice and banter.

quite a few scottish people on here, and fellow northerners (im from northern ireland myself) so never short of people to have some good craic with :smiley: (theyre a funny bunch down south ) :w00t:

Fit like min? I’m an Aberdonian too although home has been Glasgow for the last 12 years but I work in London.

I’m new to this forum but plan to get along to a meet very soon so hope to see you there.

There’s no doubt that London’s roads are a world apart from what we’re used to in Scotland but I see them as a test of my ability to ride safely and enjoy the challenge.

Plus, the weather’s consistently way better and tourists pay big bucks to travel on parts of my commute. The Mall on a sunny morning is a joy to ride.

I’ve encountered my fair share of dicks out to kill me but also some really decent folk too. Lots of black cab drivers will chat at lights and lorry drivers seem to appreciate bikers’ attempts to indicate their presence. Personally, I try to catch their eye when I pull up alongside them.

Give the bendy buses a very wide berth and the bus lanes are a mess. You can ride in the red bus lanes in central London (for the moment) but it’s different from borough to borough. You just have to watch out for the signs.

That’s enough waffle from me.

All the best.

hello and welcome to LB. not much more to add as the others have hit the nail on the head :cool:

Us Northern Scots are taking over … !
Welcome to the Mad House Sparky.

Hi Baz, I’ve been working in London since Oct 2008 so I’m not so new to the city :slight_smile:

I went to Mackie Academy 1977-83. When were you in Stonehaven?

I’m up seeing my mum right now. In the Sainsburys at the Bridge of Dee.

Sma’ world, eh?

I went to Dunnotter Prmary fo 1 year (83) then Mackie for 2 years before returning back to Grantown where my Family’s from.
Went back last year just for the day and it’s changed so much. Have fond memories of Stoney, great place to grow up.

Oh, and Primary 5 and part of 6, I was at Newtonill Primary.