Abandoned Bike

Ok so near me is and old SV it has clearly not been used in at least 12 months… dust about an inch think and has not moved at all.

Is there anyway I can take ownership? If I’m honest there are a few bits on it I’d use for my bike and sell on the rest… but is there any legal way I can do it?

Can edit on mobile but to add it is off the road so not sure anyone will get involved or care…

could take the vin number and do a search to see if its got a registered keeper?

If you just take it without permission you will get done for theft ,

Could be stolen never recovered. A chap I know round here had his Motoguzzi stolen. It was eventually found parked up in Wandsworth where it had been sitting for over a year.

the only legal way would be to buy it off the legal owner… if its off road I guess only the police would care if it was registered stolen.

Wrap it in a carpet and drop it in the trunk.

+1 Marmablade.

Can edit on mobile but to add it is off the road so not sure anyone will get involved or care.. The Sleeper
What do you mean by off the road?

In someone’s garden?
In a shared car park?
What makes you think it has been abandoned, rather than just neglected?

If there is no registration plate or number visible, then obtain the chassis (VIN) number and pop into your local Police station.  They will be able to tell within seconds whether it is stolen or a vehicle of Polie interest.

If it is stolen and recovered, then the insurers are the owners, otherwise it remains the property of the registered keeper.  If you can get the details of the registered keeper (which you can obtain for a fee of about £3 from DVLA) the you can ask them whether you can have it and they can provide you with the paperwork.

If you just help yourself to it, there is a specific offence of theft by finding or if questionable as far as its origings, potentially handling stolen goods and other crmiminal offences.

Don’t just help yourself to it, it is not worth the potential aggravation.

Thanks for clearing that up T.C.  It good to have someone who is a legal professional in bike related matters on here.

Everything is owned by someone, so if you take it without due process, you’re a thief.

but everyone loves us and everything’s free!


thanks all. I’m completely aware I cannot just help myself too it. That’s why I was asking.

might do the vin thing and contact the owner, if it has been there a year then I’m sure they would probably look to sell it.