Aaron Colton


love all his zxr636’s, great talent for his age!!

he’s got a rear brake on the lever. thats cheating:P

some cool stunts though.

LOL, most stunt riders have a similiar set up due, i should imagine, to them spending some time with their feet away from the footrests.
Bloody clever all the same mind! :slight_smile:

Good talent for his age?.. good talent full stop.

That’s quality

the lads the borrox…wicked talent…he rides better than somre stunters TWICE his age!!:D:D

awesome :stuck_out_tongue:

wow if i had a rear brake on my bar it would mean i could do so many more tricks. gonna have to look into doing that!

From 07



Cocky little $hit! I do hate it when these little kids steel my act!!! :smiley: