Aaaaarrrr me luvverrrrr

Afternoon all

DG here - I’m moving to Tooting in a couple of months from darkest Somerset. Just wanted to say hi to everyone - the drinks are on me, I’m on cider obviously :stuck_out_tongue:

If anyone has any helpful hints about parking and security in Tooting (yup I’m just about to hunt through the rest of the forum) then feel free to share it.


DG :smooooth:

Hello and Welcome,

While i know nothing about Tooting I have just come back from a week in Somerset, we stayed just outside Ilminster, some found some cracking roads on our travels,

Which deep and dark part are you from ?

Hi and welcome aboard.

hi and welcome


Welcome - from one newie to another :smiley:

Arrrrrrrr indeed :slight_smile:
'Ow bist ?
As an avid cider drinker and Wurzels fan meself, welcome !
You can’t get decent cider anywhere near here - unless any of the native londoners know better.

Can’t help you with Tooting, apart from the fact that there used to be an active revolutionary group there:D


Hi again everyone and thanks for the welcome.

Nice place Ilminster, Trisckie. I’m from Weston Super Mare. Some great roads down here, especially if you can get onto Exmoor :cool:

Weston, eh ? I used to live in Clevedon, just up the road.

Exmoor is marvellous - and the first time you go up Porlock Hill is an eye-opener :slight_smile:

welcome to lb

Hello and welcome…:smiley:

welcome to lb:D


alreet my lover, ha ha im from devon so welcome!:stuck_out_tongue:

Good to see some locals on here :slight_smile:

I work in Clevedon - lovely place. Porlock Hill is great because its just before Doone Valley Campsite, so I can leave weston, stop at Munchies in Minehead for breakfast, then Porlock then Camp for the night, then blast back from Simonsbath, Whedon Cross Taunton and home :cool:

Aspalls? I’m a cider man as opposed to beer, and love Aspalls, but am not an expert! You heard of it?


Tooting well your have to make sure you’ve got a decent chain and lock set (for the poorer area and you also need it for the better area as the poorer people hunt around for things to nick in the better areas). Most of the area has residents only parking bays and some areas have the middle class earners so is nicer to live in and walk around in (by the common).

I grew up only a few miles away in mitcham so I know it well.

I’ve had Aspall’s - it’s a normandy-type cider, and a bit too civilised for me.I like the rough stuff straight from the farm ;)Good cider from here : a nice rideout that way, too, but you can’t fit many jugs on the back of a ZX9Went to a fantastic cider pub in a place called Brandy Wharf in Lincs - Cider was excellent although the landlord was a mardy old sod :wink: