Aaaaargh - Puncture - anyone got advice?

Sunny day, new tyre fitted two days ago to the Superduke and just scrubbed in, open garage door and…bugger…rear tyre flat as a pancake.

Anyone know a mobile tyre fitter/repairer around Horsham in West Sussex? I have left a message for Rubber Ranch (sounds a bit specialist…) at Biggin Hill in Kent - dunno what they are like.

Without bike stands/bobbins (all mine are for Gixers…) for wheel removal or to steady the bike in the van, my chances of getting the wheel or bike to a fitter is slim to none right now. Hacked off. First puncture in 10+ years of biking.

Tyre weld aerosol will inflate it and plug the hole allowing you to get it to a tyre fitterr - but some lazy tyre fitters don’t like to clean the gungy mess inside and insist on a new tyre - this is crap - soap and water will gert rid of the gunge.Alternatively get a DIY plug kit - again it will get you to a tyre fitter where they can then see if you can put a new plug in it - I think halfords sell em - not 100% sure though.