I need a favour please… I have to come into work on saturday and (just told) sunday, i have to come in at 1.30pm and 7.30pm for an hour or so whilst they test our new data recovery/backup systems…I have just realised the MotoGP is on from 12.30 on sunday (so probably start 1pm) we have just moved and havn’t got the Sky(+) sorted yet, does anyone have a DVD Recorder/ can anyone record it for me?? (not having the sky sorted also means i cant watch the repeats on eurosport during the week)


can’t do DVD (that’s abit new fangled stuff to me) but I can set the video if you don’t get abetter offer.

Cheers Mark.

If I remember (will be at Mallory) I should be able to sort a DVD for you.

On the Terrestrial channels … tell me what times and channels you want recorded and I can do it on my HD recorder and stick it onto a DVD for you.

PM me if you want it done mate.

Ooo loook at you with your HD recorder !

What’s one of them mister? subscription; worth it’s weight in gold!

Should have said HDD Recorder.

This is it -

Bought it about two years ago but I think it still beats hands down the recent models I’ve seen.

Nice kit!

Yeah, I’m with Jay on the if you don’t get Eurosport…