AA on 2 Wheels


I guess thats progress in raising the profile of bikes, What sounds quite good is these “Dedicated motorcycle repair vans” they plan to introduce.

Anyone would think this was a new idea:w00t:

Us old gits will remember the AA men on bikes BEFORE they got vans:cool:

1961 BSA B40

LOL You beat me :stuck_out_tongue:

That looks like the funeral service:D

Seen the Silver Wings round the A3 area of SW London a few times recently.

I saw one the other day coming at me. I knew instantly it was a Vectrix electric scooter after our review of it. Great bikes. Good to see the AA on bikes again.

What, like this you mean??? http://www.surreyfuneraldirectors.co.uk/motor-bike-hearse.htm Saw it down in Brighton at the ACE reunion/Bank Holiday thing last summer…

I test rode on of the Vectrixs this last weekend at Bikesafe. Great things, but not a very big range on one charge, so if you see an AA man knocking at your door with a 3 pin plug in his hand…:smiley:

Yep saw one of them on the Marylebone road today, Although he was sitting patiently in the queue with the rest of the drivers, Seems like that defeats the purpose slightly…