A411 Barnet Road (Heading into Barnet from Stirling Corner Roundabout)

Building works taking place along this road heading into High Barnet from Stirling Corner roundabout just after you pass the monument. Lots of mud,sand & gravel piled up in the middle of the road. Fairly visible but don’t let it catch you out if your a regular user. :w00t:

Cheers for that as i`m going that way in the morning.

No worries, hopefully they will clear it up when they downtools for the day but better safe than sorry :smiley:

theres more chance of them throwing it across the street than clearing up round here :P…cheers for the heads up as i too will be down there tomo, mates leaving his new cb1000r here for the day and has given me the thumbs up for a ‘test ride’ , mmm :smiley: