A40 Westway East bound - Yet another bike crash 21st May

Between West cross and Paddington slip. Looked like a Speed Triple, Black and it didn’t look at all badly damaged, propped up against the hard shoulder wall. I’m assuming that the rider was already in one of the two ambulances on scene.

I’ve been commuting on this route for around 8 years and until this year I think I only saw one accident but now, in the space of a couple of months, two fatalities and a few other crashes.

Other than careless/dangerous driving, could there be anything else to blame?

Hope the rider is OK.

Yes an interesting question, why is the Westway so much more dangerous?

As a user I would say bad maintance, never cleaned and more people using it to avoid the congestion charge.

I hated commuting on that road for a year. The lanes are so narrow that filtering really shouldn’t be done. A lot of bikers are happy to take risks for the sake of 5 seconds and the car drivers just accelerate without any thought. The number of times I was forced out of my lane by a car who decided that he was just going to force me into the barrier convinced me that there are quite a lot of psychopaths travelling along the A40 regularly.

On a fast road like the A40, it’s a fatal combination.

Ride defensively. Make a will as well.