A40 Westbound Congestion - Biker knocked over

Hello! First post :slight_smile:
Just got home after having to filter through a load of traffic on the Westbound A40. Police closed inside lane, bike and car on the verge between Hanger Lane and Perivale. May have cleared now but if you have another choice might want to try it :slight_smile: Biker looked OK, couldn’t see much damage (but then I only had a fleeting glance) and he was standing talking to the cops. Was it anyone on here? Regardless hope he’s ok.

I saw that aftermath going past at 6:30.

I never look at accident scenes, but saw a bike near an ambulance at the front of the jam.

Glad to hear rider was up and about. :slight_smile:

Oops…Welcome, by the way! :wink:

was it you on the moto going up to westway? i split off to the east and you went west?

Could well have been Henry…

Using the CCM whilst the VFR is being serviced.

Commute from Ruislip to the Barbican, so A40 all the way!!


Hi TheUnforgiven, welcome to LB :slight_smile:

Thanks for the welcome all!

Adzski, we share the same commute, so I’ve probably seen you out there on the Westway…