A40 Friday nights near Ace????

Last week there were Police in both directions either side of Hanger Lane on the A40. Pulling bikers that came past, be careful people not sure if this will be a regular thing.

oooek, i will be coming to the ace this friday, i hope they are not there, i got pulled by em tonight!

it will be…for some time…

be careful.

nice advice DJ ta mate

Hear quite a few similiar stories from other forums, looks like there is a crackdown on dodgy bikes i.e. stolen, very small plates, very load cans etc. Be safe out there. Happening up North as well.

I shall be obeying speed limits and me motor is all legal so I will just smile

Hope they are no jobsworth ones there like when I reported my tax disc stollen the copper behind the desk looked outside to see if I had taken my bike there (luckily I hadnt) and he said he would have nicked me if I had! Cnut!

Eh? Terry, but you still have paid the taxation, so how can he do you? For not displaying it? Plonker!

Looks like I’ll be staying clear of the A40 for a bit then, won’t take any chances! Thanks for the headsup…

Thats what I said! I was due on a rideout that day so went to the station v early to report it stolen get a crime number and hopefully be able to ride still and if I got stopped produce the crime number. I was all polite explained what happened and he went straight outside. He looked at Karens bike and said, its taxed! I said no my bikes at home and he said keep it that way cause if I see it will nick you for not displaying and £1,000 fine!

Like I have always said if your legal your tracable and especially when you report things like that its an easy nick! Total a^5ehole IMO!

He’s a prat mate. I never have mine displayed, because it’s been stolen too many times.

Got pulled over a couple of times last month and the officer noticed it, but I calmly explained the situation, pulled out the original from my wallet and they let me off with a bit of “if it was any other officer, would give me a fine” speech. I might just make a color copy of mine, type ‘COPY’ in big red letters over it and display it.

Anyway, don’t they have an electronic way of checking these things?

What I was going to say is - Thanks for the heads up! It’s right on my way to/from work… Might have to cool it a bit now

Yes it is an offence to fail to display it but it would be a very pedantic Officer that would report someone for that especially if they are carrying it elsewhere or one the PNC check is done on the bike and it does not show that the tax is expired.

You will come across cops like that on the odd occasion, just keep smiling and don’t lose your rag and give them an opportunity to do you for something else.