A40 - Free inspections and telling you that all is "Fine"

Loads of the boys in blue on the A40 yesterday and today - stopping anything they could get behind, saw three bikes and at least a dozen cars pulled up on the side of the road from Hanger Lane out to Denham round-a-bout = both going out to work and coming home.

They were also sitting up on the access lanes tagging cars with the handy dandy laser machine, swooping down and hitting the lights at three of the junctions/overpasses.

Be on ya toes - its that time of year that they go hot and heavy on everything - speeding especially!



Well said

Sound to me like an ANPR set up, they target the vehicles that they are stopping and will only stop vehicles which come up as uninsured, untaxed or of interest (normally because of a record of use by the criminal fraternity.

Given the outcry that happens whenever one of us is offed by an uninsured lackie I fail to see why you would be opposed to the use of ANPR to catch just this vermin (yes that includes uninsured/unlicensed bikers as well)

Not against this but its not just ANPR, its spot checks, speeding, etc. They just have been REALLY REALLY out in force this week on the A40. And to top it all off, they were on the road that runs between Denham RAB and Slough, then right before getting into Slough, scammera van set up in the CENTER DIVIDE… yes thats right… parked right up on the grassy knoll.

I got caught speeding last night on the A40, by Polish war memorial, check the slip roads ALWAYS…