A40 Eastbound (near Paddington slip) 19/05/14

Nasty accident on the Eastbound A40 near the paddington slip- I would avoid it.
Solo scoot accident it looks like.
Hope the rider is ok.

Traffic is backed up for miles.

A40 now closed from white city, all routes through notting hill are now screwed too

I passed through there when the traffic was still flowing nicely (around 4pm) with one ambulance parked in front of the battered scoot in the fast lane and 50m further a police car in middle lane splitting the traffic. Saw a few medics attending to the rider lying on his back still in his helmet. At a quick glance couldn’t see any damage on the rider, so hopefully he’s also ok on the inside. The front of the scooter looked trashed.

given that the road was still completely closed some 5 hours later the prognosis doesnt look good.

Indeed. There was hardly any debris, and there certainly were no rivers of petrol or oil on the road… one other reason comes to mind for such extreme measures. :ermm: